"I have had the incredible opportunity to work with many different types of organizations over the years and here is what some of them have shared about their culinary team building experience with Simply Sherri."



"Mission Accomplished"

"Sherri's dynamic approach to team building through her fun and healthy cooking experience has helped our team come together like no other program we've previously tried. 

Mission Accomplished Sherri!"


Maria A.

Marketing Manager

Metro PCS

"Fun and Informative"

"We found the experience fun and informative!  Not only did we learn about the importance of the types of food we eat and where they come from, but more importantly, we re-established the team philosophy that has been missing during our time spent working remotely."


Oliver B.


Expo Media

"Such a Cool Experience"

"Such a cool experience. I was so impressed with the subtle nature in which Sherri's program got us back into the team mentality through her creative and healthy approach to cooking. 

Thank you Sherri!"

Jacob R.

CEO & Founder

Digital Solutions